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NEMS XML Exporter

Automated environmental reporting from the PI System


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Automated environmental reporting from the PI System

Take care of your reporting needs to NEMS Accounter ® from add energy, using the Amitec NEMS XML Exporter. NEMS Accounter is the preferred environmental reporting solution for over 30 companies in the energy sector. If you already have a PI System in your organization you can set up automated reporting with few simple steps!

Warning: NEMS XML Exporter relies on the ‘custom delivery channel’ functionality in PI Notifications. Our product is not yet compatible with the new notification functionality introduced in PI AF Server 2016 R2. You may upgrade to this version but don’t migrate the notification responsible for reporting to NEMS. Please contact Amitec if you have any questions!

PI System Explorer configuration

Configure connectivity directly in PI System Explorer

Library objects

Use the built-in libraries of templates, tables, UOM’s and valid values for your export to make sure you comply with the NEMS Accounter ® webservice definition

Report configuration

Map your tags to the correct report attributes

NEMS Accounter


Select your report schedule, and enjoy your automated reporting solution!