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SMS Notification for AF

– Simple notification – anywhere, anytime!

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Simple notification – anywhere, anytime!

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SMS Configuration in PI System Explorer

Amitec SMS Notification for AF – the first SMS plug-in that is designed to send SMS notifications directly from OSIsoft PI Asset Framework (AF) with Notification Rules. It’s a flexible and intuitive tool that fully integrates with PI System Explorer.

It’s easy to install, configure and use!

  1. Install
    – Straight forward; no dependencies – just your existing AF database with Notification Rules
  2. Configure
    – Add username and password for your SMS gateway account – or connect your GSM module, and add an SMS notification in PI System Explorer
  3. Use
    – Subscribe local AF users or Active Directory users and groups directly, and “press play” to start!

Update: Amitec SMS Notification for PI AF has now been upgraded under the hood, and utilizes the native Web Service Delivery Channel from OSIsoft. This means it no longer relies on the legacy Custom Delivery Channels, and can be used with PI 2016 and newer – where the Notification Rule functionality is used. Contact Amitec today for upgrade enquiries!

GSM Modem


Support for GSM Modules

We now also support sending SMS notifications through GSM modules, in addition to online SMS Gateway providers. You will need to use a SIM card from a local supplier to use this GSM modem:

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