NEMS XML Exporter

Automated environmental reporting from the PI System. Take care of your reporting needs to NEMS Accounter, using the Amitec NEMS XML Exporter.

NEMS Accounter® is an environmental accounting software that simplifies reporting for offshore Oil and Gas operators. If you already have a PI System in your organization you can set up automated reporting with few simple steps!

  • NEMS XML Exporter utilizes the native Web Service Delivery Channel from OSIsoft (PI 2016 and newer)
  • Configure connectivity directly in PI System Explorer
  • Use the built-in libraries of templates, tables, UOM’s and valid values for your export to make sure you comply with the NEMS Accounter ® webservice definition
  • Map your tags to the correct report attributes
  • Report the last days/weeks/months every time the report is scheduled, to catch updated or re-allocated numbers in the PI Server
  • Select your report schedule, and enjoy your automated reporting solution!
Automated environmental reporting NEMS PI System

NEMS XML Exporter

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