– A rich set of templates for the Oil & Gas industry


Noun – par·a·digm  – \ˈper-ə-ˌdīm\

1. A system of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality.

2. An example serving as a model or pattern; a template.

Comming soon - from Amitec

Coming soon – from Amitec!

We have assisted our customers in creating great AF databases for many years. Now we gather all the experience and best practice into Paradigm for Oil & Gas.

Kick start your AF experience today!

Get started quickly by utilizing this set of detailed AF templates covering the most commonly used equipment in the industry. Generate Event Frames for downtime or batch operations! Totals and averages are automatically generated in AF Analyses.

Interested in becoming one of the first users of Paradigm for Oil & Gas? Contact Amitec today for more details!

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