Amitec expands presence in Europe.
Werusys Acquisition

Amitec AS completes aquisition of Werusys Industrieinformatik GmbH, expands presence in Europe.

Bergen, Norway, March 30, 2023— Amitec AS has completed its acquisition of Werusys Industrieinformatik GmbH, an industrial data and intelligence company based in Köln, Germany.

Werusys helps large companies in, and outside of, Germany enable smart manufacturing. Amitec will combine Werusys’s expertise with its own to help clients transition to Industry 4.0

The acquisition will accelerate Amitec’s growth in the areas of data and analytics for process manufacturing. Already present in Finland and Czech Repulic, Werusys expands Amitec’s presence in Germany, a hub for the world's leading chemical manufacturing experts and an ideal location for delivering Industry 4.0 consulting and services to European manufacturing clients.

Werusys’s service solutions, expertise and thought leadership also benefit Amitec’s existing clients in the Nordics.

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