PI Asset Framework

Accelerate your digital transformation strategies with PI AF, and generate business value across the enterprise. The enabling layer for a scalable digitalization journey, and for handling and utilizing an increasing amount of data and data sources.

PI Asset Framework enables you to contextualize and organize your data in a way that is scalable, trusted, and where your data represents the physical structures and relationships of your industrial assets and processes.

  • PI AF is highly scalable and lets you consolidate and contextualize your process data.
  • Immediately generate business values when replicating process aggregated calculations, displays, dashboards and advanced analytics and visualizations across your entire enterprise.
  • A well-organized structure enables you to scale and still be in control of an increasingly amount of data and data sources.
  • Configure a template for one piece of equipment and easily replicate across the enterprise.
  • Scale your digital structure according to your physical structure, start deploying your Asset Framework model on new assets as soon as the assets is put into the federal structure.
  • Aggregate result of calculations and various asset conditions across the enterprise.
  • Use your hierarchy as an enterprise navigation tool for your assets and equipment’s enabling Engineers and Data Scientists to easily browse and find needed data streams.
  • Contextualizing your data using PI Asset Framework as a meta-data structure and relate non time-series data sources.
  • Use your asset framework as a unify disparate source systems – single version of truth. Basis for comparison and collaboration. Makes it easier for global subject matter experts to provide support (same picture) and to move from Asset to Asset (same Set-up)
  • Expose the asset models through APIs for software developers and data scientists.
Organiza Structure Process Data PI AF

PI AF supports your digitalization initiatives:

Asset monitoring, cross-site comparison, plant-wide diagnostics and equipment benchmarking.

Advanced visualization and a common view for similar assets across the enterprise

Underpin every kind of analytics and condition/predictive-based maintenance strategies.

Provide Services vendors with organized process data delivered in a useable format.

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