Asset Intellect

Enterprise visualization of your entire plant. Asset Intellect provides a single pane of glass for your PI and non PI data sources, leveraging the PI Asset Framework.

Gain complete visibility of your operational, asset management and engineering data.

  • Asset management heatmap
  • Drill down dashboard
  • Access to external Relational Databases
  • Integrate drawings, manuals, SOP's
  • Event Frame data entry (downtime, operator logs, lab data etc)
  • Comment entry for easy collaboration
  • Automated reporting
  • Charting
  • One view on any device wherever you are
  • No code, flexible and easy to configure and deploy
  • Fast rollout with zero client-deployment
  • HTML5 based and mobile Device aware
Asset Intellect Advanced Visualization Platform

Centralized view

Asset Intellect provides one centralized view for your process data, alarms and events, reporting, event frame data entry, documents, drawings, automated reports, maintenance data, advanced analytics, asset health maps, business intelligence tools, ArcGIS spatial and more.

Centralized reporting from PI and other sources such as SQL, Oracle, SAP and Maximo.

Integrated view of maintanace history, work orders, etc.

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