Data Infrastructure

Information silos merge, system incompatibilities are eliminated, and all data sources become unified.

The PI System from AVEVA is a world leading solution for consolidation and centralization of sensor-based data.

Enabling your organization to fully utilize your data, transforming from reactive to proactive decision making and gaining operational improvements. Enter the PI System and its ability to collect, analyze, visualize and share large amounts of high-fidelity, time-series data from multiple sources to people and systems across all operations.

Collect & Connect

An open, scalable architecture and more than 450 off-the-shelf proprietary interfaces give the PI System its unique ability to collect high-fidelity time-series data from a diversity of sources.

Organize & Scale

Structure, contextualize and organize your process data with PI Asset Framework, and scale your digital structure according to your physical assets.

Merge & Centralize

A fully integrated information infrastructure, designed to store millions of data points, enables you to centralize both time-series and event-based data in real time.

Access & Collaborate

Fast and efficient data delivery, the PI System accesses decades of historical data and consolidates it with current real-time data.


What remains is a responsive, fully integrated information infrastructure that presents one version of the truth to all users and provides incisive, decision-ready knowledge on the spot.

Advanced Analytics

Utilize the full capability in third-party application by scaling and moving advanced analytics models between equipment’s across the enterprise.

Visualize & Monitor

Visualize and monitor everything from detailed process diagrams and self-configuring displays to event analysis and KPI dashboards in real-time.

Search & Analyze

Investigate intermittent issues, troubleshoot equipment failures, compare current vs. past production performance and measure new-plant startups against existing facilities.

Support Agreement

Flexible support options which is built to suit our customers’ requirements. PI System expert response time guaranteed, with 24/7 - 365 assistance.

PI Asset Framework

Accelerate your digital transformation strategies with PI AF, and generate business value across the enterprise. The enabling layer for a scalable digitalization journey.

SMS Notification

Amitec SMS Notification for PI AF is the first SMS plug-in designed to send SMS notifications directly from AVEVA PI AF Notification Rules.

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