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From sensor data to
process optimization

Data Infrastructure

Everything starts with a data infrastructure, optimized to consolidate, centralize and contextualize your process data in a secure manner. The enabling layer for a scalable digitalization journey.

Advanced Analytics

Search your data, add context, cleanse, model, find patterns, establish boundaries, monitor assets, collaborate in real time, and interact with process data like never before.

Advanced Visualization

Visualization of process data enables insights and more efficient operations. Bring information to life, on any device. Visualize your entire operation. Bring together operational data, asset management and engineering data.

Services & Support

As a leading system integrator and AVEVA partner, let us help you get the most out of your PI System data infrastructure. Accelerate your digital transformation strategies and generate business value across the enterprise.

Key factors for improving operations and optimizing production are the ability to handle and utilize an increasing amount of data.

Amitec is a leading Nordic software and services company, specialized in transforming real-time and historical PROCESS DATA into INSIGHTS. Since 1996, we have provided our customers with solutions, applications and knowledge to close the gap between operational and information technology.

Explore our products

Amitec PI Vision Navigation Menu

  • Add multiple site menus.
  • Provides your PI Vision site access to advanced, multi-level menu structure.
  • Supports customer branding, easy to change logos, profile color and profile picture.
  • Implemented as an extension in PI Vision, using the official PI Vision Extensibility Model
  • Organized and consistent with a clear hierarchical structure.

Reporting Portal

  • Combine manually measured values with data from the PI System
  • Collect production data from all operations
  • Adjust and approve reported values
  • Export reports as Excel
  • Group data in sections to provide operators with fast and easy form for entering data

Server and Interface Monitoring

  • Overview and detailed displays of the servers, interfaces and subsystems
  • Pre-defined AF Structure and PI Notifications
  • Bad and stale tag report
  • Per tag monitoring of latency and quality

SMS Notification for PI AF

  • Notifications anywhere, anytime
  • It’s flexible and intuitive
  • Configure your notifications in PI System Explorer
  • PI Server 2017 ready
  • Also supports PI Server 2016 and newer
  • Supports Internet gateways
  • Use your Active Directory contacts and groups
  • Use your existing PI AF database

Asset Intellect

  • Asset management heatmap
  • Drill down dashboard
  • Access to external Relational Databases
  • Integrate drawings, manuals, SOP's
  • Event Frame data entry (downtime, operator logs, lab data etc)
  • Comment entry for easy collaboration
  • Automated reporting
  • Charting
  • One view on any device wherever you are
  • No code, flexible and easy to configure and deploy
  • Fast rollout with zero client-deployment
  • HTML5 based and mobile Device aware

PI System Support Level Agreement

  • Response time guaranteed or outsourcing of the PI System Administration functions.
  • Direct PI System expert support.
  • 24/7-365 assistance.
  • Remote support worldwide.
  • Pro-active health check.
  • Support in Norwegian and English.

PI Asset Framework

  • PI AF is highly scalable and lets you consolidate and contextualize your process data.
  • Immediately generate business values when replicating process aggregated calculations, displays, dashboards and advanced analytics and visualizations across your entire enterprise.
  • A well-organized structure enables you to scale and still be in control of an increasingly amount of data and data sources.
  • Configure a template for one piece of equipment and easily replicate across the enterprise.
  • Scale your digital structure according to your physical structure, start deploying your Asset Framework model on new assets as soon as the assets is put into the federal structure.
  • Aggregate result of calculations and various asset conditions across the enterprise.
  • Use your hierarchy as an enterprise navigation tool for your assets and equipment’s enabling Engineers and Data Scientists to easily browse and find needed data streams.
  • Contextualizing your data using PI Asset Framework as a meta-data structure and relate non time-series data sources.
  • Use your asset framework as a unify disparate source systems – single version of truth. Basis for comparison and collaboration. Makes it easier for global subject matter experts to provide support (same picture) and to move from Asset to Asset (same Set-up)
  • Expose the asset models through APIs for software developers and data scientists.

Alarm Sentinel

  • View alarms in context of PI AF structure
  • Data reporting to determine top alarms, priority distribution, alarm rates etc.
  • Trend alarms, identify post occurrences, and receive notifications
  • Post events and ad-hoc analysis
  • Configurable data processing from different control system sources
  • Chronological log of plant events
  • Live updates, full search features, and trending with zoom and trend cursors
  • Flexible and fully configurable. Fast and easy rollout with zero client side deployment
  • Scale to multiple sites and plants

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