Celebrating 25 years of Industrial Digitalization
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For more than 25 years we have been contributing to more efficient and sustainable operations by accelerating the digital future for the process industry.

Today, development of new technology and digital transformation is moving faster than ever before. What has not changed is our dedication and fascination for operational data. At Amitec we are all about operational and real-time data.

We want our 25th anniversary commemoration to bridge what many would consider the “good old days” with a new, more buttoned-up culture focused on the future. Notwithstanding our growth the last couple of years, 1 in 3 of the team has been with us for more than a decade. Experienced personnel coupled with hungry newcomers, proven technology coupled with cutting edge, OT coupled with IT - that's our secret sauce.

PI System experts Seeq Analytic Engineers
25 highly dedicated software and analytic engineers who deliver our promise of quality and efficiency

A brief stroll down memory lane

Did you know our journey commenced 1st of April, 1996, in Bergen, Norway?

Amitec was founded with a vision to unite Operational Technology and Information Technology (OT/IT) in the process manufacturing industry.

We entered a partnership - and a distributor agreement - with OSIsoft the same year. Amitec was one of the first OSIsoft partners in the world, and we are still the major system integrator in the Nordics for the PI System.

  • In 1998 we sold and implemented the first PI System in Norway. That customer is still with us 25 years on.
  • One decade later, the PI System had become an industry standard for the oil and gas companies on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.
  • Two decades later, we have gained extensive experience from PI System projects in other industry verticals like renewables, power generation, transmission & distribution, chemicals, and mining.

Here's to current and former employees. Cheers!

Cheers also to all the folks over at OSIsoft for the journey so far. We're all excited to start the next chapter with Aveva.

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2018 was a paradigm shift for us as a company. A strategy process led to major changes in our profile. This, combined with the onboarding of new partners, put us on a growth projectory; a new and revitalized Amitec.
Advanced analytics for process optimization
We entered into a partnership with Seeq, the first provider of advanced analytic applications dedicated for process data. This was a direct result of customers pushing for accelerated insights. Amitec is now equally focused on both gathering data and hunting insights.

At Amitec, we’re inspired by the every-day achievements from people with data in the process industry. We’re inspired by the continuous progress in making operations safer and more efficient, optimizing production and drive innovations that move the industry forward.

Customers for 25 years

A big thanks to all of our customers who constantly push for better solutions, products and services. At an early stage some companies dared to be foresighted, trusted us and were early adopters of our solutions. We want to highlight Equinor (Statoil) and Altera (PGS Production) in this regard. They have followed us as customers from the very beginning and are constantly expanding with new digitalization projects based on products and services from Amitec and our global partners.

Industrial digitalization

In our 25 years of Industrial digitalization, we have seen companies, digitalization stories and solutions raise and fall. Catch phrases and buzz words have changed with time. We've seen fluffy words that are now only used in history books. If you have been a part of this journey, you may agree that there is no silver bullet for Industrial Digitalization. There is not ONE product that can do it all.

We believe in providing solutions with a proven track record and integrating those into customers work processes - the right tool(s) for the job at hand.

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