Proud sponsor of both The Digital Energy and OTD Energy 2021 conferences!
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OTD Energy 2019

"To meet physically is important, even for us working with digitalization. As sponsors of both Digital Energy and OTD Energy, we can't wait to turn off the webcam and meet all of our current and future customers in person", says Børre Heggernes, Chief Technical Officer at Amitec.

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After 18 special months, we are finally able to attend physical conferences again and we are kicking off with a bang! Amitec will be attending two fantastic conferences the same week! We look forward to informative and interactive sessions on key industry issues and the latest industry updates.

Digital Energy is hosted by and for the Norwegian Energy Industry. The lectures and audience interaction will target the main goals of digitalization: sustainability, process improvement, cost reduction, increased quality and safety.

OTD Energy will be the first major Scandinavian event in the offshore and energy market since the pandemic's outburst. The focus areas are business opportunities in technology, innovation, research and development, sustainability and energy efficiency in current and future markets.

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