Alarm Sentinel

Correlate SCADA/DCS alarms & events with PI data. Alarm Sentinel pulls together SCADA/DCS alarms and traditional PI data in a fully interactive, browser based environment.

Obtain valuable insights for post event analysis. Correlate operators logs, notifications, analytic result and DSC alarms into one searchable log. Manage operator situational awareness by analysing alarm rates, nuisance, alarms and safety critical alarms.

  • View alarms in context of PI AF structure
  • Data reporting to determine top alarms, priority distribution, alarm rates etc.
  • Trend alarms, identify post occurrences, and receive notifications
  • Post events and ad-hoc analysis
  • Configurable data processing from different control system sources
  • Chronological log of plant events
  • Live updates, full search features, and trending with zoom and trend cursors
  • Flexible and fully configurable. Fast and easy rollout with zero client side deployment
  • Scale to multiple sites and plants
Alarm Sentinel Alarm Event Process Data

All alarms in one place

View, filter, correlate, trend and analyze all of your SCADA, HMI and DCS alarms via the PI System using a HTML5 solusion.

Deep alarm analysis tools

Summarized data reporting, post event and ad-hock analysis, trending features to assist with alarm analysis.

Alarm Management KPI's

Configurable alarm management KPI dashboards using our extendable TR 18.2 metrics. Gain insights into your problematic alarms. Associate user comments and actions with each alarm Key Performance indicator.

Situational awareness

Attach documents and links, categorice your alarms, or drill into your data to gain valuable insights.

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