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Advanced Analytics for Process Manufacturing Data

Seeq is the first application dedicated to process data analytics. With the release of Seeq Data Lab, data scientists and process engineers can now access Python libraries to expand their analytics. Data scientists can participate directly in industrial analytics by leveraging Seeq for data access, cleansing, modeling, and other features.

With Seeq Data Lab we see the start of eliminating the “edge” between the analytics enabled in Seeq Workbench and wherever users want to take their analytics.

Engineers tend to know the data well and Data Scientists tend to know the algorithms well.

Moving data around to make it accessible for analytics can be costly and problematic.

  • Process data is the primary data source for predictive and prescriptive analytics in industrial environments.
  • Data Scientists have lots of algorithms and open-source tools in their toolboxes to apply to predictive/prescriptive analytics.
  • There are process engineers interested in expanding their analytics efforts with access to Python code and libraries.
  • Data Scientists and process engineers need to collaborate seamlessly while analyzing process data.
Seeq Data Lab Analytics
Predictive and prescriptive analytics outputs must trace back seamlessly to source data and processes to be actionable in a high-consequence environment.

Workflow and Collaboration

  1. In Seeq Workbench, find the data that is relevant to the topic at hand and explore it interactively.
  2. Using the Seeq Workbench Tools panel, cleanse and augment the data by removing outliers, applying smoothing filters, and adding context via Conditions and Capsules.
  3. Execute pull() to bring the data into a Pandas DataFrame within the Jupyter environment.
  4. Manipulate the data via Python and use matplotlib, seaborn, Plotly or other modules to visualize it in new ways.
  5. Execute push() to take the data back into Seeq Workbench and/or execute spy.workbooks.push() to publish the visualizations to Seeq Organizer.

Seeq and Amitec

Amitec is a partner and a software and service provider of Seeq in the Nordics. Our Analytics Engineers have domain knowledge and are Certified Seeq Super Users. Our services includes Seeq licenses, consulting, use case discovery and development, support and training.

Feel free to contact our Team to get help with any questions you may have.

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