The first Certified Seeq Super User in Norway and one of the first Globally
Seeq Super User
Mai-Britt Frantzen

We congratulate Mai-Britt Frantzen as the first Certified Seeq Super User in Norway and one of the first globally. Mai-Britt is an Analytic Engineer at Amitec and has now become our very own Seeq Rock Star.

Mai-Britt complement our customers teams in Use Case Discovery and Development to drive operational improvement and optimization of production. With the combination of domain knowledge and Super User skills in Seeq, she will be a strong contributor to any team.

What is Seeq and what is a Seeq Super User?

Seeq is the first Advanced Analytics application dedicated for Process Manufacturing Data.

The Seeq Super User designation describes a user who has completed Advanced Training and two Analytic Engineer verified use cases to effectively use Seeq to generate valuable results.

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Seeq creates end user applications that transform how process engineers, teams and managers access, cleanse, contextualize, and investigate time series data. From monitoring to diagnostic to root cause analysis to predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Mai-Britt's journey in becoming a Certified Super User

In total there are five courses which are mandatory to implement. The three first courses are internet-based and take you through the standards of Seeq both with analyses and reporting. After this you must do an advanced live training with a certified trainer from Seeq. This is a two-day event that goes thoroughly through all of Seeq features and opportunities within the program.

Then the real learning begins, starting to work with customers and real use cases. This is the point where you start understanding the importance of cleansing data and good documentation. Documentation is key when going back and forth from use case to use case and for collaboration purposes. Cleansing data is crucial prior to an analysis being that real time series data often is filled with gaps, outliers and other obstacles making contextualization hard to do. Within this process, close communication with the customer who owns the data is very important, as the customer is the one who knows the data best. In this way, the cleansing is done correctly.

After some months of working use cases with customers, one gathers a pretty good and diverse repertory. Within the use case repertory, one reviews if there are two of the cases that are complex and documented good enough to introduce to the Partner Use case review.

Use Cases you pick out for reviewing are anonymized and documented in a way good enough for a total outsider to fully understand what has been going on through the analysis. The Use Case should also have an report that is visualized in the best understandable way.

The two use cases are then handed in to two of Seeq's’ Senior Analytics Scientist for a review.

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Our Analytics Engineers provides a variety of services that includes consulting, support, training and Seeq licenses.

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