Amitec is proud to announce a partnership with Seeq in the Nordics.
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Do more with advanced analytics!

Amitec is proud to announce a partnership with Seeq, the first application dedicated to process data analytics. “Building on our strong and long lasting partnership with OSIsoft, we have seen our customers store and manage increasing volumes of data in the OSIsoft PI System. They need faster, smarter ways to leverage that data to improve operations. Seeq lets them do just that”, says Børre Heggernes, CTO of Amitec.

Seeq - self service analytics

In the current hype around predictive analytics, machine learning, and data science, what’s missing are solutions to the real challenges to an analytics-driven organization. Tapping the expertise of your current employees. Support for collaboration and knowledge capture to foster sharing and reuse of analytics efforts. And the ability to rapidly distribute insights to the people who need them to quickly improve outcomes.
Seeq addresses all of these issues, and more, for your organization. Seeq applications
enable the complete lifecycle of advanced analytics, from first connecting to data to
landing insights in improved business and production results.

Seeq let you search your data, add context, cleanse, model, find patterns, establish boundaries, monitor assets, collaborate in real time, and interact with time series data
like never before

Seeq advanced process data analytics
Your engineers and data scientists are already asking the right questions!​ We enable you to get the answers.

What is Seeq?

Seeq is a visual analytics solution for process manufacturing data. Seeq’s multiple applications empower users to rapidly investigate and share insights from data stored in enterprise data historians —such as Ignition, OSIsoft PI, Honeywell PHD, and GE Proficy—as well as contextual data sources such as SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL. Process engineers, data scientists, plant managers, operations staff and other subject matter experts (SMEs) use Seeq to analyze and improve business outcomes.

Advanced analytics with Seeq

How can Amitec help you with advanced analytics and Seeq in the Nordics.

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