Time to rebrand! And YES, we are excited.
Rebrand new logo

“Today we launched our new identity. The last time we changed our brand is actually more than 10 years ago. Amitec has always been a forward-looking company and we hope our new identity reflects our continuous development to meet new expectations and enter new markets”, says Glenn Heggernes.

Moterom Rebrand
Guilty AS from Bergen has guided us in our work of renewing our design and we gladly recommend them. In the picture, Børre and Jan Erik discuss the new website.

“Since 1996, we have provided services to help organizations to make faster and better business decisions based on actual, available and trusted process data. Until the resent years the market focus was on gathering, centralizing and consolidating sensor-based data. During the last years there has been a shift, with an increasing focus on hunting insights”, says Børre Heggernes.

“From a process data perspective, we now support our customers at all stages of the digitalization journey. From data collection and contextualization to visualization and advanced analytics. Our customer base has also evolved the last decade, from supporting the Oil and Gas industry to also include hydropower, power transmission & distribution, chemicals, mining and windfarms“, says Jan Erik Kronstad.

We hope you like it.

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