Seeq R22 propagates your PI System security
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The big changes in R22 include item-level permissions, significant processing speed increases, and additional collaborative features. In addition, you'll find improved analytical tools and new features and formulas.

Integrated Security

Enables you to control permissions for individuals and groups throughout the organization. For organizations seeking to allow only certain users access to given data, you can now configure permissions on:

  • Calculated items created within an Analysis (e.g. Signals, Conditions, Scalars, Histograms, Scorecard Metrics, Formulas, CSV Imports, etc.) and External Calculations.​
  • Entire data sources, assets in an asset hierarchy, and/or individual data points from the data source​.
  • Folders, Analyses, Topics, etc. (as in previous versions)

Inherited Permissions & Historian Integration

This inherited permission system makes it more convenient to control access at the highest level of organization appropriate for your situation.

  • Child items, analyses, and folders will inherit parent permissions.
  • Set permissions at the highest level practical for ease of use.
  • Integrate the permissions already set on your historian.
  • Seeq honors PIPoints permissions.
  • Use a connector property transform to set the security string.
Seeq advanced process data analytics
Amitec Analytic Engineers are certified Seeq instructors supporting your team with successful adoption, custom training and support in discovery and development of use cases.

New features and formulas

  • Scatterplot Coloring and Trendlines
  • The new Multi-User Awareness feature notifies you when others are working on the same Analysis or Organizer Topic, facilitating collaboration across your organization.
  • Improved Default Variable Names
  • A collection of functions for calculating water and steam properties
  • Comparison symbols can be used instead of Value Search and/or Deviation Search to make capsules when the given comparison is valid.
  • You can now change the formatting of values displayed in Seeq. This change is applied at the item level and will apply to the cursor, y-axis, and Scorecard Metric values.

Seeq and Amitec

Amitec is a partner and a software and service provider of Seeq in the Nordics. Feel free to contact our Team to get help with any questions you may have.

At Seeq University you can also find more detailed instructions on how to use the new features in Seeq R22.

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