Enterprise Visualization of operational and IoT data for Fingrid.

Fingrid Asset Intellect Visualization Azure Io T

The Company

As Finland’s electricity transmission system operator (TSO), Fingrid is responsible for planning and monitoring the operation of the Finnish transmission system. In addition they maintain and develop the system. The transmission system encompasses over 14,000 kilometers of 400kV, 220kV and 110kV transmission lines plus more than 100 substations. Major power plants, industrial plants and regional electricity distribution networks are connected to the grid. The Finnish power system is part of the inter-Nordic power system.

The challenge

Information management, analytics and decision support for Fingrid's most critical assets and equipment. The IoT project is part of the continuous process in securing grid quality, improving grid availability and improving cost effectiveness. As part of the project, Fingrid is rolling out IoT-devices to improve asset visibility and to better understand the condition of the assets based on real-time data. The project was missing a scalable enterprise interface solution for visualizing, reporting and dashboarding of operational and IoT data.

PI Asset Framework structure process data

“The IoT project is about working with agile and ambitious companies within the areas of sensor development, data infrastructure, analytics and visualization. Based on past experience, we knew that we could count on Amitec", Janne Lappi - Asset Digitalization, Fingrid

Cloud first

Azure is the system of record for IoT data. Operational data from the IoT-devices is collected in Azure and fed to relevant calculation engines and various feature extraction/machine learning algorithms in the cloud.

Store data only once

Azure data is connected to the PI System, using a custom data reference in PI Asset Framework (PI AF). PI AF is where all operational data is centralized and consolidated.

Contextualized data

By leveraging PI Asset Framework, all operational data is contextualized and organized according to the physical structures and relationships of Fingrid’s industrial assets, equipment, processes and their locations.

Asset Intellect

An enterprise visualization platform and a framework for consolidating your tools and applications for reporting, analytics, visualization and business intelligence. By bringing together operational data, asset management data and engineering data - Asset Intellect enables data visualization of entire operations.

Asset Intellect Advanced Visualization Process Data

“Amitec also brought on board Dimension Software and the Asset Intellect solution. Their agile way of working is a good fit for Fingrid”, Janne Lappi - Asset Digitalization, Fingrid

Visualization of entire operation

A single pane of glass for all operational data for management teams, engineers, maintenance workers and data scientists. All accessible on smart devices for workers in the field.

Renewal of Asset monitoring

Significant improvement of cost effectiveness trough better understanding of asset conditions and more efficient maintenance.

Enterprise navigation tool

Engineers and Data Scientists can now easily browse and find needed data streams, visualizations (PI Vision), analytics (Seeq), business intelligence (PowerBI), all in the context of equipment and locations.

Partners and suppliers

The solution enables Fingrid to implement data visualization reports and dashboards in co-operation with partners and service providers. Fingrid has in-house experts but all maintenance work is done by personnel from external service providers. The solution enables more efficient collaboration and sharing of data and insights to quickly improve outcomes.

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