PI AF Template Library helps Total affiliates get a head start on PI Asset Framework

PI Asset Framework for Total

The client

Total is one of the world's leading producers and suppliers of oil, natural gas and low-carbon electricity. Total’s history began in 1924, with the creation of Compagnie Française des Pétroles (CFP). Over the years, we have expanded and now have departments and projects in over 130 countries, employing more than 100 000 people.

The challenge

Total is an experienced user of the OSIsoft PI System, and many affiliates have developed PI AF templates for projects during the last years. The challenge is that they were far from consistent. People kept reinventing the wheel with the different templates and analyses.


Converting a set of the most commonly used templates into a library of templates that can be offered to Total affiliates for direct use or customization to their own requirements.


Robust templates, tailored to fulfill the requirements for the majority of affiliates in the majority of cases.


Consistency needed in such a library is achieved by specifying and deploying a strict set of standardized rules.


Templates are easy to use, easy to modify, and have revision management possibilities.


Template Revision Management Tool (developed by Amitec) provide Total the ability to keep track of the different template versions, and to revert back to older versions if needed.

PI Asset Framework structure process data

A set of 28 Element Templates were converted, in addition to 5 Event Frame templates. A standardized set of 10 common Attribute Categories was created, together with 20 Enumeration Sets. Each Element Template has a corresponding AF Table containing meta data and other input values, to simplify the job for the end users of the templates.


Correct PI Point naming convention for output points from PI AF Analyses and simplifying the number of categories in the system.


All Analyses are documented in-line, numbered in the correct execution order, and categorized – for ease of use and modification.


Quality checking of all input attributes in analyses, to avoid “Calc Failed” being output.


All Attributes have a correct description, UOM and category. Categories are also implemented for all objects in the library.

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PI Asset Framework for Total

PI AF Template Library helps Total affiliates get a head start on PI Asset Framework

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