Silver Sponsor of AVEVA PI World Amsterdam 2022

Aveva PI World2022

Meet us at Expo Booth 19

We look forward to meeting you, visit our booth for an informal chat with the Nordic PI System experts.

Product launch at PI World

PI Vision Navigation Menu. A horizontal navigation menu bar that gives you access to an advanced, multi-level menu structure. The largest energy companies in the Nordic region has already implemented the product. Visit our booth for more information.

WIN a Garmin GPS Smartwatch

You have goals to reach, and you need a watch that can keep up. Visit our booth to be a part of the contest to win. Winner will be announced at our booth (Wed 18th 16:30).

About us

Amitec has 25 years of experience in helping organizations make faster and smarter business decisions based on available and trusted process data. We support your digitalization projects from a process data and PI system perspective.

PI Vision Nav Menu 1380x920

PI Vision Navigation Menu

PI Vison Navigation Menu Bar

A custom symbol allowing a horizontal navigation menu bar to be added to PI Vision displays.

Multi-level menu structure

Quickly add the same navigation menu bar on top of all PI Vision displays for a site, and have access to an advanced, multi-level menu structure.

Customer branding

Supports customer branding, easy to change logos, profile color and profile picture.

PI Vision Extensibility Model

Implemented as an extension in PI Vision, using the official PI Vision Extensibility Model

Amitec Reporting Portal - Replace multiple production report Excel files with a single portal

Manual entry

Combine manually measured values with data from PI AF

Approved values

Collect production data from all operations and adjust and approve reported values.

Excel and PDF

Export reports as Excel

Fast and easy

Group data in sections to provide operators with fast and easy form for entering data

Other projects

Fingrid Asset Intellect Visualization Azure Io T

Enterprise Visualization of operational and IoT data for Fingrid.

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PI System Condition Monitoring for Statkraft

Condition Monitoring for Statkraft - Enabling efficient maintenance (phase I)

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PI Asset Framework for Total

PI AF Template Library helps Total affiliates get a head start on PI Asset Framework

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