PI System Data Infrastructure for Equinor

Data Infrastructure Equinor

The company

Equinor is a large energy producer, employing 20 500 people with operations in North and South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania and Norway. Since 1972 we have been pushing the boundaries of technology, solving challenges in the oil and gas industry. That quest has taken us to greater depths, deeper waters and new frontiers.

The challenge

Establishing a data infrastructure for real-time process data. Consolidating and centralization of 150 000 tags for five offshore oil fields at Equinor’s ”Operation North” in the North Sea.

Equinor Lie Madsen

A new real-time infrastructure has seriously improved the speed of data distribution from five of Equinor’s oil fields in the North Sea, says Finn Madsen and Ketil Lie.

The OSIsoft PI System

The PI System solution resulted in extreme improvements in performance, says Finn Madsen - Project Manager and Leading Analyst in Equinor

Collect and connect

The PI System collects real-time process and production data via OPC interface from control and safety systems. In addition to all the control and safety system at the five installations, signals from the power systems at Norne, fiscal metering, weather data and downhole is included.

Success story

Increased time resolution combined with powerful analytics, prevented loss of production. This case is published at Equinor’s Intranet pages as a success story.

Reliable and stable

The new solution is more stable than the old one, confirms Madsen. And we are integrating even more stand-alone systems than originally planned.

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